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It`s August 1913 and it is hot and dry. Sleepy streets are dusty, yearning for rain. In the sun shines the city symbol – the Stone Bridge and beside it , the barges swirl quietly in the streams of the river Emajõgi.

On the banks of the Emajõgi River you will find the Bellevue Hotel, the first Estonian cinema, cinema “Illusion”, the Hugo Treffner Private Gymnasium and one of the city`s most magnificent Art Nouveau buildings, the Hotel Jakor. The university town is slowly recovering from the lull of summer.

VR Tartu 1913

This virtual tour takes you on a journey into the past of our university town. What did the city look like, which was still a part of the Russian empire, but on whose streets the first companies of Estonian peasants began to operate. A university town where many later key figures of Estonian and Latvian national awakening lived and studied.

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The Stone Bridge was opened on 16 September 1784. The bridge was built on the orders of Empress Catherine II of Russia. It was destroyed during the Second World War in 1941. Today, the Bridge Kaarsild stands on the foundation of the Stone Bridge.

Come and travel in the historic Tartu as it was more then 100 years ago!

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  • Upon reservation – at least 3 days in advance, min order EUR 120
  • VR tūres ilgums: ~40 min


  • Pilna biļete 12
  • Biļete ar atlaidi (bērniem 7-18, pensionāriem) 9
  • Ģimenes biļete (vismaz viens pieaugušais un 1 bērns) 9 personai
  • Grupas biļete (sākot no 10 personām) 10 personai
  • Interaktīvas darbnīcas skolām €13 personai


  • Starting point is a glass pavilion on the Bridge Kaarsild.
  • VR tūres notiek brīvā dabā.
  • Audio guide in Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, French and German.
  • The VR tour is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.
  • VR var radīt sliktu dūšu.
  • Piemērots bērniem, kas ir vecāki par 7 gadiem.


Starting point at the bridge Kaarsild, Tartu, Estonia

Google Maps: VR Tartu 1913