Beginning of a New Era – A Virtual Time Travel to Harju St. in 1939 with a Culinary Experience at Cafe Palace

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VR Tallinn 1939/44

Vabaduse Square is adorned by the finest examples of pre-war Estonian architecture. Towering with its impressive advertising tower is the Palace Hotel – the first building in Tallinn specifically constructed as a hotel. The Palace Hotel opened on January 16, 1937. The architect of the building was Elmar Lohk, and its owner was Johannes Mürk.


Step into the magical world of VR Tallinn 1939/44 and immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere that reigned at Freedom Square and Harju Street in 1939. This unique experience takes you back to a time when Tallinn shone in its historical glory. Spatially, colorfully, and interactively, you can see what Tallinn was like before World War II, with city residents walking and cars driving by. You can catch a glimpse of the lost luxury hotel Kuld Lõvi, whose interior, like that of the Palace Hotel, was designed by architect Elmar Lohk.


Over the years, the restaurant located on the first floor of the Palace Hotel was intended for both guests and city residents, offering national menus and themed dishes. Today, a cozy café is located on the first floor of the legendary Palace Hotel, where a delicious culinary experience awaits you after your historical journey. As a bonus, during the special program, our guide will introduce you to some of the original items still from the early days of the Palace Hotel.

Only the best of the best is good enough for a house that is meant to signify a new era in the hotel industry.  Johannes Mürk




Borsch soup with beef and pie


Cake of the day


The menu includes coffee, tea and water.


Virtual Time Travel ‘VR Tallinn 1939/44’ Part I & 2-course culinary experience at Cafe Palace – 30 EUR per participant




Warm brioche with chicken and crudo


Main Course
Gnocchi with king prawns, pesto, and beet balsamic sauce


Homemade curd cakes with blackcurrant sauce


The menu includes coffee, tea and water and a selection of bread.


Virtual Time Travel ‘VR Tallinn 1939/44’ Part I & 3-course culinary experience at Cafe Palace – 40 EUR per participant


Number of participants: min 8
Booking and information: või 5343 9526