One city, two journeys, three eras

VR Tallinn 1939/44

Are you visiting Tallinn and seeking an extraordinary experience?

Step into our virtual reality world and witness the captivating history of this enchanting city.

Join us as we transport you back to the elegant streets of Tallinn in 1939, where the city’s charm and vibrancy await your discovery.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Immerse yourself in the dramatic events of World War II in Tallinn and experience the resilience of its people and the enduring spirit of this remarkable city.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to travel through time and witness the captivating tale of Tallinn’s past. 

One palace, two eras, three journeys

VR Toila 1938

Are you exploring the wonders of East-Virumaa and seeking a truly unique experience? Join us on a virtual reality journey to the majestic Toila-Oru Presidential Palace and Park, frozen in the enchanting days of July 1938.

As the Oru Palace succumbed to the ravages of the Second World War and remains unreconstructed, this is your exclusive opportunity to wander through its grand halls and stroll its pristine gardens in virtual reality.

One city, two bridges, an ever-changing river

VR Tartu 1913

Are you visiting Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024, and seeking to dive into the cultural cradle of Estonia? Then step inside the virtual Tartu of  1913.

It’s August 1913 and it is hot and dry. Sleepy streets are dusty, yearning for rain. In the sun shines the city symbol – the Stone Bridge and beside it , the barges swirl quietly in the streams of the river Emajõgi.

On the banks of the Emajõgi River you will find the Bellevue Hotel, the first Estonian cinema, cinema “Illusion”, the Hugo Treffner Private Gymnasium and one of the city’s most magnificent Art Nouveau buildings, the Hotel Jakor.

The university town is slowly recovering from the lull of summer.