#1 Virtual Reality Time Travelling Attractions

It's not a Museum, It's a Place of Lost Worlds

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VR Toila 1938

One Palace, Two Eras, Three Journeys

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VR Tallinn 1939/44

One City, Two Journeys, Three eras

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VR Tallinn 1939/44
Tuesday to Sunday
11.00 am - 6.00 pm

VR Toila 1938
Tuesday to Sunday
11.00 am - 6.00 pm

VR Tartu 13
upon reservation


VR Tallinn 1939/44
Freedom Square 9, Tallinn

VR Toila 1939
Oru park, East-Estonia

VR Tartu 1913
Arch Bridge, Tartu


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We offer virtual reality (VR) time travelling experience in three locations – Tallinn, Toila and Tartu. Please look at the specific opening hours and tickets under each attraction.

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Before Your Visit

3 Steps To Be Prepared


Check What's Open

  • We’re CLOSED on public holidays
  • VR Tallinn 1939/44 is closed on June 23
  • VR Toila 1938 is closed on June 15, 16, 22 and 23


  • Our attractions are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs
  • VR may cause cyber sickness, but our VR experiences are relatively leisurely
  • Suitable for children 7+ years old
  • Our time travel audio is in 7-9 languages

Be Prepared

  • VR tours take place outdoors, please bring an umbrella if necessary
  • As a rule, you can comfortably pull the VR glasses over your normal glasses. If your glasses are too big, we recommend wearing contact lenses

Peeking into the past isn’t difficult at all. You can look at old photos, read books or you can just look up into the starry sky, and what you see is the past. If we wish to see more than the starry sky from your or mankind’s past, we need the help of modern technology.

A person’s life lasts about 650,000 hours and, in the end, we do not remember days, only moments. But some moments from the past of mankind are like the supernovas, worth of a second glimpse. So, we invite you to wear our rose-coloured glasses to travel in time and to see the moments worth remembering and revisiting.

We specialize in making the impossible possible, allowing our visitors to step inside history and experience it firsthand.


You, me – we all are history

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About Us

Welcome to BLUERAY, a University of Tartu spin-off company focused on bringing history to life through immersive visualization. 

Since 2019, our team has been at the forefront of recreating bygone eras using cutting-edge technology. We specialize in making the impossible possible, allowing our visitors to step inside history and experience it firsthand.

As a University of Tartu spin-off company, we place a high value on education and learning.  VR History is our registered trademark for virtual time travelling experiences.


At the Forefront of Recreating
Bygone Eras

Edutainment XR (Extended Reality)attractions, focusing on cultural heritage.

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