Virtual Reality (VR) based educational programs offer an educational and experiential look back at times gone by. The program is made unique by its innovative approach, by means of which forgotten structures and buildings are presented in the same places where they were once located. Students experience the changes that have taken place in the urban space or the landscape by travelling between different viewpoints and directly compare the experience gained with today’s environment. Such a solution has not been used before in Estonia and neighbouring countries.

Our virtual reality time travel experiences are an innovative and modern solution to make history lessons more exciting. Journeys to different parts of Estonia combine the central themes and integration opportunities of history and social studies and offer insights into the political events of Estonia’s recent history, which are also discussed in the syllabus of the basic school.

The core of the company is formed by historians who are alumni of the University of Tartu, whose in-depth and thorough archive work ensures that the views and descriptions depicted correspond to historical veracity and offer knowledge that cannot be found in conventional textbooks and non-fiction. Virtual reality time travel experience is the perfect means of revitalising learning, enabling you to experience places that have been destroyed. The translation of the audio guide in nine different languages ​​offers an additional opportunity to link the course with, for example, a foreign language lesson.



  • Virtual time travel
  • Team orientation in time and space
  • A worksheet or a game that opens with a QR code on the players’ device
  • Supervisor


  • Duration ~90 minutes
  • Virtual reality time travel experiences are part of the support measure “Kultuuriranits” of the Ministry of Culture. See more: MUSEUMS
  • The program is suitable for all education levels and takes place in the form of outdoor learning, but during winter can be done indoors if so preferred (bring umbrellas if necessary)
  • Orienteering and map reading skills, management skills and cleverness are put to the test
  • Time travel is free for the teacher accompanying the class
  • Upon agreement, the virtual time travel tour can be done at the school


  • Educational Program One City, Three Eras – the educational program is based on the virtual reality time travel experience VR Tallinn 1939/44 and introduces Estonia’s recent history through one city and street.

Maximum number: 80 students, but we will divide the group into smaller ones 

  • Person in the whirlwind of war – coping with difficulties – VR History and Vabamu joint program for the 3rd school stage and high school

The program combines virtual time travel and the Vabamu program, which discusses the impact of war on individuals. The virtual time travel VR Tallinn 1939/44 first takes you to the time before World War II and introduces the history of Harju Street in Tallinn. Through VR glasses, you can spatially, colorfully, and interactively experience how beautiful Tallinn was before World War II. The audioguide, compiled by historians, introduces the history of Tallinn’s buildings, shops, and cafes. The second part of the virtual journey takes you to the time of the German occupation, which includes the Soviet Air Force’s attack on Tallinn and the consequences of the March bombings on Harju Street from 1944-1946.

After the virtual journeys, there can be a lunch break if desired.

The program continues at Vabamu (Toompea 8b), where, through life stories, we examine what a person’s fate could and can become in the turmoil of war and under harsh political control. Why did many decide to leave their homeland? Who stayed and who was forcibly taken away? What choices did young people have to make in the past, and what choices must be made today? We make simple or difficult choices in our lives every day, which can permanently affect our fate. But what about our ancestors? What was their fate like? What choices did or did not they make?

The joint program provides a good overview of Tallinn’s fate in World War II and teaches understanding of people’s choices in the turmoil of war, those who cope with difficulties despite everything.

DURATION: 3 hours (1,5h + 1,5h)
VR History kiosk in the underground passage of Vabaduse väljak (Vabaduse väljak 9)
25 euros
it is possible to pay separately for each program, either on the spot or based on an invoice
BOOKING:, 5343 9526



  • Educational Program Me in Oru Palace – this program is based on the first virtual reality time travelling experience in Toila-Oru Park and Palace. The emphasis is on the construction of the palace by Grigori Jelissejev and the renovation of the building into the summer residence of President Konstantin Päts.
  • Educational Program In the Footsteps of the President – the study program is based on the second part of the time travel experience In the Footsteps of the Lost Glory and focuses on the president’s life in the summer residence.
  • Educational Program Special Guests in Oru Park – Oru Park, located in the primaeval valley of the beautiful River Pühajõgi, offers a treat for the eyes, the joy of discovery and surprises from different time periods. We offer a great adventure after virtual reality time travel experience that will introduce you to special guests – both special people associated with this place and exotic plants growing in the park.

Maximum number: 34 students (for larger groups, please write to us and we will specify the duration)




  • Me in the Past – this program is based on the first virtual reality time travelling experience VR Tartu 1913 and introduces the changes that have taken place in the urban space of Tartu, specifically around Kaarsild.

Maximum number: 22 students (for larger groups, please write to us and we will specify the duration)


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