VR Toila 1938


June to August
TUE. to SUN.
11 am - 6 pm
September to May
upon reservation


Starting point is a glass pavilion at the Oru Park near Toila Secondary School.


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Virtual Reality Time Travelling Experience
VR Toila 1938

This virtual time travelling experience takes you on a journey through history of Oru Park and it’s lost gem Oru Palace. “VR Toila 1938” offers three virtual tours.

VR Tallinn 1939/44

Part I

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It is early in the morning, and you begin your journey, learning the stories of the construction and renovation of the Oru Palace. You’ll enjoy a time-laps sunrise and peek into the large dining hall. You journey will end by watching the sunset in the palace tower.

The second virtual tour brings to life the main hall of the palace with its extremely rich decor and describes the life of Estonian President Konstantin Päts at Oru Palace.

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